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How to Engage Gen Z Team Members

How to engage Gen Z team members

With Gen Z quickly entering the world of employment, companies and businesses will benefit greatly if they appeal to Gen Z.

They are freshly out of education and ready to be a ‘learning sponge’ and take in every aspect of their new career, and having them on your team is one of the best ways to expand your business’ horizons.

Engaging Gen Z in the workplace can be tricky, as they’re not afraid to speak their minds and seek out a career that fully fulfils them…

A Gen Z Summary

When we refer to Gen Z, we mean those born in the late 1990s to around the 2010s, and mostly refers to those still in education or freshly graduated.

Gen Z is one of the most innovative, diverse and fun generations – they want change in the world, and rightfully so.

Appealing to Gen Z means your workplace has to ooze creativity and be a fun, welcoming environment.

Open Communication

Communication is key to Gen Z’s heart – they want feedback, they want to be able to voice their concerns and they want to have a healthy working relationship with team members and leaders. Having a brilliant communication system, whether that may be organising weekly 1-2-1 meetings, having feedback sessions or just checking in every other day with your employees, making sure that communication is on a constant flow will be beneficial for both you and your employee.

Remember, Gen Z has only just come out of education, while for some team leaders or employees that might’ve been a lifetime ago, so it’s great to grab fresh ideas and develop your working ways.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are great for everyone, no matter their age or interests – but treating Gen Z to added benefits that they may not be able to find in another workplace is a brilliant way of ensuring you’re engaging and appealing to them in the workplace. Employee benefits don’t have to be cash-based and cost extortionate amounts, especially if you’re a small business or just starting out. They can be anything from a monthly team-day dinner or game of bowling to discounts at specific partner companies, flexible working patterns, hybrid working and workplace activities. Gen Z will spend a lot of time in your workplace, and it can be a shock to the system moving from education to full-time work, therefore, making that transition as smooth and fun as possible is bound to gain employee satisfaction.

Opportunity & Progression

Gen Z’s are passionate about their careers, and there is nothing worse for a young person than being stuck in a ‘dead-end’ job – so prepare to offer plenty of opportunities for progression and development within your business. Having an employee that wants their career to progress within your business is extremely beneficial, knowing that they are in it for the long-run and want to develop their skills and your business is brilliant. Opportunity and progression can come in the form of promoting internal job roles, developing skills workshops, extra qualification opportunities and more.


Gen Z is a brilliant generation to have included within your workplace, coming with plenty of benefits including innovative approaches, fresh ideas and fantastic attitudes. Appealing to Gen Z through added employee benefits, keeping an open approach to communication and plenty of opportunity for progression are all great ways of ensuring employee satisfaction. Needing advice when it comes to hiring and appealing to Gen Z? Send an email to and we’ll be happy to help.

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