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Painting the January Blues Yellow!

How to Beat the January Blues

January is home to the most depressing day of the year and is known to be a bit underwhelming, whether it be reminiscing about Christmas or starting a new year packed with goals that you don’t know where to begin with – we’re here to help you beat the January Blues.

Here at Zest, we’ve decided to paint the January Blues a sunny, positive and bright yellow! Your mindset is the biggest barrier between having a great start to the year vs having a downright miserable one. If we don’t find ourselves lighting up the dark and dreary winter evenings (both literally and metaphorically, embracing rest and tuning into our surroundings – well then we can hardly be surprised when we’ve no spring in our step come March.

Staying motivated in your workplace while keeping a fun schedule will help your blues ease, so, here are our top tips…

Staying Motivated

Motivation is one of the best things about starting a new year, and it can also be the reason why your January isn’t as ‘blue’ as other people’s around you. Writing a list of what makes you motivated, whether that be taking inspiration from others, a vision board of where you’d like to be within a year or what to achieve this year, or maintaining close contact with friends/professionals who motivate you…

Kickstart the year with a healthy and motivated mindset, and surround yourself with those that promote that – workplace or home!

Out-of-Hours Activities

Spending the majority of your time at work can seem draining, which is exactly why -whether you’re an employee or a business owner - you should maintain a steady stream of out-of-hours activities. This doesn’t mean that your schedule should be mega-packed, however, having hobbies outside of work will relax your mind and keep you afloat. January is a great time to kickstart a gym routine, pick up a new art class or grab a book. Promoting this to your workplace and encouraging a fulfilling out-of-hours schedule is also a great idea.

Self-Care Sundays

After the usual Monday to Friday, jam-packed working week, taking some time out on Sundays is a great way of maintaining a healthy mind and body, and prepping yourself for another smashing week. Whether it’s actually a Sunday or just a mid-week break, self-care should be a priority that will help you beat the January blues. Self-care comes in all shapes and sizes, so find what relaxes you most and take some time out of your week to do that.

Set Attainable Goals

Everybody loves goal-setting in January, and this may also be a way of beating ‘The Blues’. Sitting down and creating a list of attainable goals, whether they are work-related or personal ones, is a great start to the year and links smoothly with maintaining motivation.


The January Blues can impact anyone – keeping motivated, setting attainable goals and remembering to take some for yourself can push those blues away and help you maintain a healthy and productive working week and a fun or relaxing weekend. If the January Blues are lingering around your workplace or you need some extra motivational help, email us at and we will be happy to help!

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