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Enjoying Summer While Working

Enjoying summer while working

The weather is glorious and the sun is shining, so making sure that you make the most out of your working days while this weather lasts is very important.

Balancing your productivity with taking a well-deserved break is crucial during the summertime months, as we all know how quickly summer comes and goes in the UK.

We have pulled together our top tips on making the most out of summer while working, in hopes of you finding time to enjoy the sunshine and fun…

Take a Break

Taking a well-deserved break is nothing to be afraid of – summer is a great time to book those holidays that you may be looking forward to, or even a weekend off with no plans, just relaxation.

Burnout is real, as we’ve discussed in our previous blog, so it’s very important to realise when you need to have a break, no matter how you spend it. Ensuring that you’re away from work, your computer and emails and surrounded by things that make you feel relaxed and peaceful is a perfect way of spending the summer.

Breaks will re-charge your social battery, and will give your brain the time-off it deserves, allowing you to feel refreshed upon your return and ready to seize the working day.

Work in Nature

One of our top tips is to try and work in nature where possible, and no, we don’t mean taking your laptop and typing emails in a tree.

Most of us have a garden, so take your laptop outside and continue working while catching a tan, or for those of us who don’t have a garden – parks are also a great place to work from, provided you use your hotspot for Wi-Fi or sit outside of a café.

Working outside, even if it’s for one or two hours, will break up your working day while also allowing you to have some fresh air and catch some Vitamin D.

Make the Most Out of Lunch

Ever spent your lunch scrolling through emails or completing that final piece of work? Summer is the best time to avoid doing so.

Lunchtime in summer should be spent enjoying the beautiful weather and taking some time out for yourself, whether that means going on a walk, strolling to a café to grab a sandwich or sitting outside on a park bench.

Regardless of if you’re working from home or in your office, taking a couple of steps outside on your lunch break will drag you away from glaring computer screens and ensure you have the time off that you deserve.

Spend Time Together

When’s a better time to organize a staff day/night out than summer?

The answer is, never.

Summer is a great time to spend some extra time with your co-workers, so organize a team day out in the park, some food on a terrace or a golf day (for those of you that are brave).

Spending the extra time with your staff members will build a better bond within your team and make your team feel appreciated, while also giving you a break from corporate life.


So, summer is the perfect time to spend your lunch connecting with nature, your team and the outdoors, therefore it’s key to make the most of it!

We hope our tips will point you in the right direction of enjoying summertime while working, and if you’d like any extra tips for enjoying summer in your workplace, drop us an email at

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