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Why Do Organisations Need to Change?

If your business has ever gone through a significant period of change, which, let’s face, given recent times it’s pretty likely you have, then you already know just how difficult it can be.

But not all change has to bring with it doom and gloom. Whilst change might be inevitable if your business is experiencing a rough patch (or a global pandemic forces your entire team to work from home) as a business leader you should always be considering changes big and small and how they might impact your business for the better.

That old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, well we couldn’t disagree with this more. Building a business and a team that is going to grow and be successful means change needs to become your best friend.

This doesn’t make it any easier to implement, don’t get us wrong, and for more tips on how to implement change in your business check out our full change management guide here.

But for now, let’s take a look at how changes can have a positive impact on your business:

5 Benefits Of Organisational Change

1. It Can Boost Innovation

If your business becomes stuck in a rut, habits can develop. In fact, nearly half of the decisions we make every day are habits – creating themselves whether we give them permission to or not.

Don’t get us wrong, we know how safe and secure building a habit can feel – it can make your day feel more structured if you’re coming into the same to-do list every day and ticking each point off. So why is this bad?

Well, think of it a little bit like you’re driving in the dark with your normal headlights. You’re getting from A to Z, but your view is restricted.

Introducing positive change is like putting on your full beams. All of a sudden you can see the full picture, including new opportunities, potential dangers and maybe even a completely new route with more profitability!

2. It Can Create New Business Opportunities

We’ll drop the driving metaphor for now, but if your business is open to innovation then this goes hand in hand with creating new opportunities.

This can come in many forms, be it partnering up with another business to diversify your offering, introducing new products or services or even securing more contracts.

If you’re open to being flexible, as opposed to sticking rigidly with ‘how it’s always been’ you’ll be surprised just how many more people will be keen to work with you.

3. It Promotes Growth & Development

Once you’ve convinced yourself that your business needs to change, there’s another major obstacle you’ll need to tackle – and that’s your staff.

Your team might need a bit of persuading to encourage them to embrace any change, but those that embrace it positively will soon realise the reams of potential growth and development for them. After all, if your business is taking positive steps forwards that’s only going to bring more opportunity for them too.

You should keep a close eye on how receptive different team members are to changes you’re making. Staff that can understand and see the benefits of what you’re doing are often going to be the kind of people you want to hold on to, they’ve already proven they have the right mindset to grow right alongside you.

4. It Can Introduce a New, More Authentic Culture

When you open yourself up to new ideas and change, you’re going to find yourself in potentially new and unchartered territory.

This means that the company culture you’ve already built may no longer fit what you’re trying to do now – you’re a square peg but you’ve moved towards a round hole.

What does this mean? Well in our opinion it means exciting times are ahead! Let’s be real, if your company has been trading for 25 years, are you really the same people you were two decades ago?

Making changes elsewhere will automatically push you towards a more authentic, and up to date working culture – whether you expect it to or not.

5. It Will Improve Your Team’s Morale

We mentioned that some of your team might be a bit sticky when it comes to making changes, but they’ll soon realise the benefits.

Whether you’re making changes that they’ll recognise immediately, like a tweak to HR or company policy, or to elements that don’t seem to impact them directly – good team members will be pleased to know they’re working for someone who embraces change.

An innovative business is going to provide plenty of opportunity to grow in their own careers.

So, what do you think about change now that you know the benefits?

Don’t get us wrong, making a change will never feel easy – and that’s because it isn’t. As we’ve pointed out already, it’s in our nature to develop habits so learning how to break them can feel wholly unnatural.

That’s where Zest comes in, we offer a full change management service. Whether you have a massive change upcoming you want help with, or you just want to ensure you’re prepared for the future, we’d love to support you through it.

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