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Upon the Death of Her Majesty the Queen

On September 8th 2022, the face of the United Kingdom – as well as across the world – changed dramatically upon hearing of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

After over 70 years upon the throne, serving as a figurehead of the country and the commonwealth, the passing of her Majesty will no doubt lead to unprecedented changes as society adjusts to yet another seismic change in circumstance.

What will these changes look like for businesses moving forward? Honestly, we’re not sure yet.

Everyone’s reaction and opinion to recent events will no doubt vary widely.

However, our advice at this time would be to remain conscious and respectful of those around you and to offer support to those who need it.

Our message here at Zest: Whatever our differences in opinion or beliefs, she modelled integrity every single day she went to work.

Our condolences are with the royal family at this time.

Jo and Andy


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