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The Benefits Of Executive Coaching

The importance of executive coaching has become more and more recognised over the last few decades, but what exactly is it? Why does it matter?

Well, sit tight, because you’re about to find out. Read our full article below to find out what executive coaching is, how it can help you and your business and the Zest way of unlocking your full potential.

What Is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is essentially a tailor-made programme that can help you to develop and grow – improving your work performance, and honestly, your life in general.

When you work with an executive coach, the learning will be designed specifically to your needs, helping you to clarify your future goals, learn how to achieve them and ultimately unlock your full potential.

Don’t worry, it’s not like going back to school – no blackboards and chalk here. The only curriculum you’ll be working to is your own. You’ll be solving your own problems and choosing your own path, but your executive coach will use their amazing questioning and listening skills to enable you to be as resourceful as you can be to achieve your goals and face into your challenges.

Why Hire An Executive Coach?

1. Self-Awareness

No matter how intuitive we are, many of us don’t have a clear view of ourselves. Self-awareness is an extremely important step towards both professional and personal growth.

A leader who knows themself is more likely to work effectively and profitably. They’re also likely to inspire others around them. If you’re blind to how you’re perceived by the people around you, how are you going to know the best ways to adjust your behaviour to get the most from your team?

When you’re working with an executive coach it’s likely that they’ll gather some feedback from your colleagues to get a clear outlook of how you’re viewed. Your coach will also share their perception of you, based on their observations.

This isn’t all about discovering your weaknesses, this isn’t a roast! It’s just as important – if not more – to hone in on what you’re great at.

Your coach will work with you on techniques to shine a light on assumptions you hold of yourself and dig down into the true view that you’re projecting out into the world. Once you know your starting point, the road ahead will become clear. You’ll also be able to track your progress as you grow and develop.

2. Awareness Of Others

Understanding the people around you is an amazing tool to have under your belt.

We can’t count the number of times people have spoken to us about losing valuable team members because they’ve not recognised the support they need or the potential they have locked away.

Likewise, if you can’t see through the façade of someone who appears great, you might be keeping hold of team members who aren’t actually pulling their weight.

Either way, being able to get an accurate read on the people around you is what will enable great leaders to build even greater teams and businesses.

With executive coaching, you’ll be opened up to a whole new world of insight – imagine a pair of x-ray glasses that helps you get right down into the nitty-gritty.

The methods you’ll have picked up about becoming self-aware will be transferrable to those you surround yourself with.

3. Leverage Your Strengths

As we’ve said already, executive coaching is not about dragging you down and focusing on what you’re rubbish at. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

When you’re working with a great executive coach, you’ll discover strengths you didn’t even know you had. Once you know what you’re already great at, you can build on these in ways you might not have even thought were possible.

More often than not, you’ll come across characteristics that make you exceptional, which you’ve been underestimating for who knows how long.

Knowing just how valuable your unique strengths are means you can leverage them in ways you might not have thought about before.

4. Build Better Relationships

As humans, we tend to naturally gravitate towards and work better with people similar to ourselves. They’re naturally easier to understand which makes them a breeze to work with. But what about the people around you who work a little differently?

Even the best leaders can find themselves restricted when they’re struggling to build bonds with people who don’t think and act in the same way as them.

With some great executive coaching, you’ll learn how to work through this. No longer will you make assumptions based on how you like to work, but instead you’ll be able to understand things from a variety of viewpoints.

What does this mean? Well, it’ll lead to vital working relationships with amazing people who you might have written off completely before. Surrounding yourself with people “just like you” pigeonholes your growth and restricts your viewpoint. Surrounding yourself with a plethora of people and personalities means you’ve got a birds-eye view of how you and your business can grow.

5. Achieve Your Goals

This is the be-all and end-all for everyone. When you embark on any sort of personal development your end goal is always going to be that you can achieve (and surpass) your personal and your career goals.

When you’re working with an amazing coach, not only will they help you to reach the targets that you’ve already set yourself, but they’ll also pave the way to new goals that you might not have even considered as being possible.

Your executive coach’s main objective is to be that impartial support system that guides you along the right path. The great thing about executive coaching is its vast level of flexibility. You’re not trying to bend and mould the same old tired techniques to fit into what you’re trying to achieve. Instead, your coaching programme will be built and perfected with your personal goals in mind.

How Can Zest Help?

Here at Zest, we’ve got a proven track record of helping leaders achieve greatness with our Executive Coaching. We don’t want to sound like we’re tooting our own horn, but the proof is in the pudding.

Working with leaders from all sectors and businesses of all sizes, we wouldn’t still be here today if we weren’t delivering the results our clients need.

So, let’s take a look at what you actually get when you start your executive coaching journey with Zest by your side:

Step 1: Find Your Match

When someone comes to us for executive coaching, we’ll take the time to establish whether there’s a coaching requirement. We’re not suited and booted salesmen with shiny shoes, if you don’t need us we’ll let you know.

Then we’ll take the time to get to know you to make sure you’re paired up with the perfect coach from our bench of associates.

We believe the key to success is the relationship you have with your coach. Without the right level of rapport, trust and challenge you’re going to fall flat. That’s why our tailor-made approach is the best way to go.

Step 2: Get Prepared

Once you’ve partnered up with your perfect pair, it’s time for a little bit of homework.

We’ll send you our ‘Personal Trainer’, which is going to be your executive coaching bible.

In it, you’ll find everything you need to know about the journey you’re about to take, including key definitions, best practices and our code of ethics.

Step 3: Kick Things Off

From there, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Our coaching tends to take the form of six sessions usually around 6-8 weeks apart.

For the first, we’d recommend having a line manager, sponsor or key board member join you for the first half an hour or so. This means that there is full transparency and input from the people around you. They’ll also re-join us at the end of our time together to reflect on the greatness we’ve achieved and ensure total continuity moving forward.

At each session we’ll apply our own psychometric, or any that you’re already investing in, to ensure we can all make the most of any fresh insights.

In between sessions, it’s your job to ensure any actions or commitments that we’ve spoken about are delivered upon.

You’ll need to be prepared before each time we meet. You’re not rocking up for a cosy chat and a cup of tea - you can do that with your friends and family!

Executive coaching should feel challenging, because after all self-awareness and positive change often is.

Step 4: See Results

When you’re working with Zest the results are instant, new and improved performance is a guarantee. With us by your side, you’ll discover new, previously untouched potential that you won’t even have realised has been within you all along.

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step towards unlocking your full potential when it comes to being a leader, but your journey has only just begun.

If you’re ready to speak with us about executive coaching for yourself, or an associate, then drop an email to: We’re excited to join you on the road to excellence!

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