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What Will ‘Leadership’ Look Like in 2023?

With 2023 just around the corner, we thought to dive into what we think leadership will look like in the new year. 2022 brought us advanced hybrid working, new inclusivity measures and more, so the question is – how will you adapt your business to these changes?

Here is our guide on what leadership will look like in 2023…


Being a flexible business is one of the main attributes that many employees search for when scouting new jobs – whether that be adapting hybrid working methods, or showing flexibility when it comes to other commitments such as childcare or education.

Flexibility will show future and existing employees that you, as a leader, value their time and entrust their workload will be managed efficiently regardless of the change in hours/timings of their working day.


Maintaining inclusivity within your brand and business as a leader is one of the keys to success – we have a whole blog on it which you can read by clicking here.

To summarise, an inclusive company will create a safe and diverse working environment for all to enjoy – bringing a sense of community into the workplace.

Inclusivity can come in the forms of educational and informative workshops, setting up support groups or promoting community groups – assess the best way to bring this into your workplace and enforce it!


Innovation can make or break a business – if there is little innovation within your brand, chances are you may appear outdated and not keeping up with the latest trends, and that also includes leadership.

Innovation should be welcomed into all businesses to maintain a brilliant flow of ideas, employee satisfaction and bring something new to the table every once in a while.

The ‘Human Touch’

2023 is set to be the year of no BS. What does this mean? It means giving yourself and your team the freedom and support not to have a fear of failure and to be able to express themselves freely for the greater good.

In order for businesses to continue to tap into innovation, leaders need to stoke up creativity, and with all that brings the ethos of ‘having a go’, making mistakes and learning from them without the fear of punishment or a black mark against your name.

Leaders need to stop simply talking about care and empathy and instead actually act with it – every single day.


As a leader, promoting an innovative approach will definitely be one of the key attributes to possess in 2023.

Leadership qualities are forever evolving with time, and applying your knowledge of the latest approaches to working is a great way of appealing to new employees while keeping your existing staff members satisfied.

If you’re interested in seeing what else 2023 will bring for leadership, or need any support going into the new year, email us at

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